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Hello! My name is Julien – I help solopreneurs and small & medium businesses streamline operations, collaborate effectively, and centralize knowledge using Notion

One platform for all teams

Imagine a unified platform that intelligently solves challenges across all departments. No more juggling multiple specialized solutions or dealing with the hassle of managing them individually. Everything you need is conveniently located in one place. With seamless access and sharing features, teams gain enhanced visibility and alignment. Your Notion B2B solution becomes the central hub for collaboration, sharing, and achieving success. Notion B2B can help you building the applications below.

Human Resources

Human Resources Simplified

A single, centralized platform for all HR-related information, documents, and workflows eliminating the need for multiple tools or systems. HR teams can collaborate seamlessly by sharing documents, assigning tasks, and communicating in real-time improving transparency, collaboration and efficiency.

  • Job Board
  • Centralized HR information hub
  • Automated employee onboarding workflows
  • Performance evaluation templates
  • Shared workspaces for collaboration

  • Tracking and analyzing HR metrics

  • Training Portal

  • Employee self-service portals


All at hands to be more efficient

Achieve greater success in your sales efforts by effectively manage your pipelines, track customer interactions, and store sales collateral in a centralized hub. Below are the type of solutions that provide sales superpowers:

  • Sales pipeline management and lead tracker

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales collateral library (playbook, templates, competitor analysis, etc.)
  • Sales meeting agendas and notes
  • Sales goal tracking and progress monitoring
  • Sales training and onboarding materials
  • Sales performance reviews and feedback
  • Sales campaign planning and execution


Go to market, in order

Notion is an invaluable tool for marketing teams, providing a centralized platform to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. Notion provides the flexibility and customization needed to optimize marketing processes and drive success. Here are some specific applications that can be created for marketing teams using Notion:

  • Content calendar and planning

  • Marketing campaign management
  • Brand guidelines and assets repository
  • Marketing project management
  • Competitive analysis and market research
  • Marketing meeting agendas and notes
  • Marketing collateral library

Product Development & IT

Drive successful product outcomes

Notion acts as a cohesive platform, enabling smooth transitions between stages, fostering collaboration, and ensuring a seamless product lifecycle experience. It empowers teams to work efficiently, iterate quickly, and deliver high-quality products that meet user needs. With Notion, you can create a range of tailored applications including:

  • Product roadmap & feature prioritization

  • Central hub for business requirements
  • Agile project management
  • Product design and prototypes library
  • User research
  • Competitive analysis and market research
  • Product launch and release management
  • Product documentation and knowledge base
  • OKR & Product performance

Customer Service

Delight customers

empower customer service teams to provide prompt and effective support, improve response times, and deliver personalized experiences. Notion’s flexibility and customization options make it an ideal tool for optimizing customer service operations and exceeding customer expectations with solutions such as:

  • Customer inquiry and ticket management

  • Knowledge base and self-service portal
  • Customer feedback and satisfaction tracking
  • Internal team communication and collaboration
  • Response templates and canned responses
  • Escalation and priority management
  • Performance tracking and analytics
  • Customer onboarding and training materials
  • Customer service process documentation
  • Integration with CRM and other customer service tools

Legal & Compliance

Centralize and control

Using Notion, a legal and compliance department can operate more efficiently, maintain better records, and ensure that the organization adheres to necessary regulations and legal standards. In particular, the team can:

  • Centralize all legal documents, policies, and compliance materials
  • Collaborate on documents simultaneously, with changes tracked and synced in real time
  • Standardize documents like contracts and compliance checklists with customizable templates
  • Manage who has access to sensitive information
  • Get an audit trail of changes to documents

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Notion templates for business

Check out my curated list of Notion templates built for businesses and start to digitalize and automate your processes right now.


Choose me to implement Notion for your operations and unlock its full potential. With my expertise and tailored approach, I ensure a smooth transition, streamlined processes, enhanced collaboration, and increased efficiency. Experience the power of Notion with guidance and achieve operational excellence.

Tailored Templates

Whether starting from a pre-built template or creating a brand new one, my end-to-end approach ensures a perfect automated workflow. By understanding your objectives and requirements, I leverage Notion and third-party solutions to streamline operations, boost productivity, and deliver a personalized solution that revolutionizes your business.

On-demand Consulting

Experience an interactive and dynamic consultation journey where your challenges take center stage. Together, we’ll dive deep into brainstorming and implementing tailored solutions that address your unique needs. Whether it’s a quick fix or a comprehensive, multi-session approach, rest assured that I’ve got you covered.



Embark on your Notion journey with confidence, from beginner to expert level. My courses focused on your specific Notion implementation and ensure a gradual onboarding process, empowering you and your team to navigate Notion without feeling overwhelmed. Through exercises and self-learning, you’ll gain the skills needed to utilize Notion effectively.

Notion Expertise

As a seasoned product manager and Notion Certified Consultant, I combine my expertise to craft custom solutions that empower you to achieve your business goals.

Notion offers incredible flexibility and power, but becoming an expert requires a learning curve. That’s where I step in, providing tailored Notion training and consulting services to accelerate your digital transformation journey and ensure you get the most out of this tool.

I take immense joy in sharing my knowledge and helping businesses unlock the true potential of Notion.

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your specific needs and how I can help you achieve your goals.



My approach is centered around your specific needs, ensuring that we deliver together a solution that is not only tailored to your requirements but also embraced by end-users. Through my methodology, I prioritize understanding your unique challenges and objectives, allowing me to create a solution that truly resonates with your team and drives successful adoption. Your satisfaction and the seamless integration of our solution into your workflows are at the heart of my commitment to delivering exceptional results.

  • Discovery & Research

  • Design

  • Development

  • Deployment & Change Management

  • Production, metrics review and Iterations


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Notion, a comprehensive platform to centralize your operations.

Notion empowers teams to work more efficiently, stay organized, and achieve their goals effectively.


Notion serves as a centralized platform, consolidating information, documents, and workflows in one place. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and systems, promoting efficiency and ease of access.


Notion fosters collaboration by enabling real-time editing, commenting, and task assignment. Teams can work together seamlessly, enhancing communication and productivity.


With its flexible and customizable features, Notion allows users to tailor the platform to their specific needs. This adaptability ensures that teams can create workflows and structures that align with their unique processes.


Notion offers a range of organizational tools such as databases, boards, and templates. These features help users stay organized, find information easily, and maintain a structured workflow.

Knowledge Management

Notion acts as a comprehensive knowledge management system, allowing users to create and store documentation, wikis, and resources. This promotes knowledge sharing and ensures information is readily available.

Workflow Automation

Notion enables users to automate repetitive tasks and create workflows with features like templates, integrations, and databases. This saves time and improves efficiency by streamlining processes.