Notion for Business 101 Course

Intended Audience

  • SMBs and startup business owners who want to evaluate Notion
  • Notion champions who are seeking to expand its use across more teams
  • Digital transformation professionals and early adopters interested in Notion


  • Explain the benefits you can expect from Notion.
  • Provide a solid understanding of key considerations for successful Notion implementation.
  • Highlight what Notion can’t do, its limitations, and common pitfalls to avoid.

What is not covered

  • Notion implementation for large companies
  • Detailed training on Notion’s features

Course outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Notion Basic Features: key features (video included)
  3. Notion Advanced Features: Databases, formulas, automation…
  4. Comparing Notion with other tools like Excel, Atlassian suite, Asana…
  5. Knowledge Management with Notion: Centralizing knowledge, SOPs, aligning teams, and effective communication.
  6. The All-in-One Solution: Building your Project Management, CRM, Content Management, Help Desk, and more in Notion.
  7. Creating Organized and Efficient Business Systems: How to avoid chaos and ensure your systems work for you.
  8. Integration with the Notion Ecosystem: Extending Notion with third-party apps.
  9. Security and Privacy: Essential information to secure your system.
  10. Change Management: Strategies for setting your team up for success with Notion.